MA Fellowship Programme

The MA Fellowship Programme was carried out from September 2020 to July 2021, as part of the Beyond Matter project and coordinated at Aalto University simultaneously with a number of initiatives set forth by the partner institutions. The main objective of this collaboration was to provide a setting where accomplished art and design students would engage in independent lines of research with major European museums and art institutions, creatively contributing to the Beyond Matter outputs.

Centre Pompidou, Ludwig Museum, Tirana Art Lab and ZKM offered the fellowship placements within their Beyond Matter curatorial and research teams, where the students learned about archival research, curatorial practices, design and media, developed their skills in 3D modelling, user interface (UI), user experience (UX) and visual communication design.

The students got to work on the virtual reconstructions of two momentous historical exhibitions Les Immatériaux (1985) with Centre Pompidou and Iconoclash (2002) with ZKM as well as on the interactive installation Immaterial Display, on a production of an art exhibition Spatial Affairs (2021) and a hybrid HyMex Symposium with Ludwig Museum, on the Tirana Floating Archiv (2021) and an artist in residency programme with Tirana Art Lab. [1]

[1] Díaz-Kommonen, Lily, and Cvijeta Miljak. “Anatomy of the Beyond Matter MA Fellowship Programme”. Beyond Matter, Within Space, (2023).

MA Fellowship Programme Outcomes