Areas of interest

***The application period has finished in May 2020.***




The Fellowship Programme, which will be taking place within the framework of the collaborative project Beyond Matter – Cultural Heritage on the Verge of Virtual Reality  at the ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe from Autumn 2020 to Spring 2023, will encompass four possible profiles, the students of Aalto University can choose from, according to their educational profile.


Curatorial tasks

Students can learn about the facets of curatorial work, which includes not only the creative development of concepts for various events, but also research, coordination and administrative work. They will gain instructive insights into the tasks involved and also take on work areas independently, thus effectively supporting and helping to shape the implementation of various sub-projects.


User interface and user experience design

In close cooperation with the technology company Weiss AG and the graphics studio AKU, user-friendly user interfaces are to be developed that facilitate the application of the extended reality technology used, such as head-mounted displays, and at the same time fit into the design of the exhibition display. It will be important to find a suitable design for the online platform and for the museum display of the results that is accessible to as many age groups and social imprints as possible.


Digital Exhibition model and concept development

How does the user move through the virtual museum space? Which interactions are possible there? Which exhibits, installations, videos etc. can be experienced and how can they be communicated? Answers to questions of this kind are sought in this area. In this respect, the conceptual collaboration with the associated researchers and technical consultants is in the foreground.


Physical exhibition design

In the framework of the project a display is going to be conceived and realized for a travelling exhibition that is both flexible and expandable, and can be adapted to the various exhibition sites, and to give it an appearance that reflects the aesthetic characteristics of the exhibitions to be reconstructed. The travelling exhibition will introduce digital models of chosen past exhibitions via various medial possibilities. Its display is to be built in the workshops of the ZKM and will thus be realized together with its technical team.