The primary objective of our contribution to the Beyond Matter project is to develop a framework for novel engagement approaches that encourage co-creative participatory practices for community involvement and that promote the interpretative opportunities afforded by new media designs. The aim of the framework is to provide opportunities for museums to engage with their audiences and to gain valuable insights about the exhibition experience that would otherwise remain undisclosed.

The PORe (Performance-Oriented Research Methods for Audience Studies and Exhibition Evaluation) is a framework allowing for exploratory research, creativity and openness promoting participation, new experiences and co-creation of new content by the museum visitors.

Symposium and Conferences Talks

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Lily Díaz-Kommonen
Beyond Matter – Cultural Heritage on the Verge of Virtual Reality, BMVR

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Cvijeta Miljak
PORE Workshop – Avatars and Poetry, a brief overview

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Cvijeta Miljak, Lily Díaz-Kommonen
Making and Sharing Stories – Immersive Experiments in Sharing Knowledge for Cultural Heritage

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Lily Díaz-Kommonen
Performance-Oriented Research to Promote Community Engagement in Museum Activities


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